Boiler Repairs in Newton Ferrers

Boiler Repairs in Newton Ferrers

Plymstock Plumbing and Heating provide Boiler repairs in Newton Ferrers for local residents and commercial businesses. Most people that own a boiler (and that’s a lot of people) don’t really consider it until of course it stops functioning properly. We expect our hot water to run and our heating to come on when needed and don’t stop to think about how important the Boiler is to this whole process and when it eventually fails to work (which it will) panic arises.

When you do have a fault with your boiler it normally occurs when you need it most and can cause a number of problems. At Plymstock Plumbing and Heating we completely understand how important it is for you to get your boiler repairs in Newton Ferrers quickly and without any problems. Our engineers are all fully qualified and gas safe registered so you can rest assure that we will solve any problems you have. To help build some trust in our services click on the Checkatrade image on the right hand side to have a look at our testimonials.


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Common faults our engineers deal with


No hot water or heat – Obviously quit a large problem when it occurs and it can happen for a variety of reasons. If you can see it, have a look at the piolet light to check if it has gone out. If it fails to work it might need replacing. You might also have a faulty valve or something as basic (and rather common) as your thermostat not being turned up high enough.

A Leak in the System – Over a period of time you will find the seals within your boiler system become warn, which in turn reduces the pressure within the boiler. This will reduce the amount of heat and can be overcome by having yearly boiler maintenance.

Loud noises – As with the warn seals, over time your heating system can fill with sludge from dirty water. When this gets into the boiler it can start making loud banging noises. You could also have air caught in the system which will cause the same issue.

Loss of pressure – The main problem caused by having a cracked pipe or faulty/warn valve or seal.

Faulty Thermostat – Your thermostat is responsible for regulating heat. With age it will start giving inaccurate readings, putting your heating on at random times and inevitably increasing your heating bill.

Cold Radiators – Another problem that can be caused from air pockets in the system. As the air replaces hot water you could find a radiator that is hot at one end and not at the other. This can be fixed by bleeding the radiator using a bleed key. It could also be due to a faulty radiator valve or dirty water in the system, requiring a power flush.

Boiler turning off – Can be caused by a blockage in the system.

For any further information, or a no obligation quote on any boiler repair in Newton Ferrers please contact us on 07974 893383