Boiler Repairs in Plymouth

Most people don’t really notice there boiler until it has a problem as we expect it to continually provide us with heating and hot water when needed.

When you do get a fault with your boiler it normally occurs when we rely on it the most and it has the ability to cause a number of problems for a house hold. At Plymstock plumbing and heating we understand these problems and know you need to get the problem fixed as soon as possible so if you do have any problems and need boiler repair in Plymouth and the surrounding areas contact us immediately.

Boiler control mechanisms

Your boiler will be controlled by a number of mechanisms put in place to provide you with the heating and hot water you require. If you do have a problem with these mechanisms it is likely to have an effect on your heating and cost you unnecessary money. Ensure you set your boiler so that it won’t be on all day and night ensuring you control when it comes on and off.



It is important that you never try to repair your boiler yourself. For boiler repairs in Plymouth use a qualified gas safe registered company such as Plymstock Plumbing and Heating. You can easily check to ensure a company or individual is on the register and it will save any long term issues provided by a substandard repair.

We have technicians based in Plymouth, Torquay, Tavistock, Bodmin and are happy to give you a quote on any work needed. For more information about our boiler repairs in Plymouth contact us today.


Some common boiler faults we can help you with

No heat or hot water: One of the most common problems requiring boiler repair in Plymouth and can be for a variety of reasons. You could find you have a problem with the piolet light or diaphragm or a valve might have failed. Other issues could be a link in the system or you simply don’t have your thermostat turned up high enough.

Boiler Leaks: Over time you will need to replace warn seals which will reduce the pressure and inevitably prevent heat and hot water from being produced.

Banging noises: Often caused by sludge in your system which when passing through your boiler creates a banging noise. You could also have air in the system or the water pressure is too low.

Losing pressure: Mainly caused due to a leak in the system caused by a cracked pipe or faulty valve.

Thermostat problems: Thermostats control and regulate the heat your boiler produces. Over time they can become inaccurate causing the boiler to come on at random times causing an increase in your heating bill.

Radiators not getting hot enough: This can sometimes be an easy fix depending on the problem. The most common cause is air in the system that can be released using a blead key. Other problems might involve the water being dirty requiring a power flush. It could also be a problem with the individual radiator requiring a new valve.

Boiler keeps switching off: Often caused by low pressure within the system or a blockage.

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