Do you need boiler repair in Plymstock?

boiler repair in Plymstock


Boiler repair in Plymstock – What to look out for.


Plymstock plumbing and heating provide Boiler repair in Plymstock and the surrounding areas. Below we have comprised some common faults you might find to give you an idea of what might be going wrong.


Some common boiler faults we can help you with


No heat or hot water – This can be quite common in older boilers and can arise for a variety of reasons. Firstly check your thermostat is turned up high enough and check that the piolet light hasn’t gone out. If it is not any of these you could be a faulty valve or a leak in the central heating system.

• A Leaking Boiler – One of the main reasons for a leak will be a faulty Seal. Over time they become warn and will need replacing.

• Funny noises – These can be from a number of issues but most common would be a build-up of sludge or debris in the system. You could also have air in the system or the water pressure is higher than it should.

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• Pilot Light – If the piolet light goes out this could be due to a problem with the gas valve. We have also found that if there is a faulty seal around the boiler it is being blown out by a draft. It’s also worth giving the piolet light a clean as debris can also effect its reliability.

• Losing pressure – while conducting boiler repairs in Plympton we often come across a loss of pressure due to a leak in the heating system. Secondly you will need to check the pressure relief valve or if the expansion vessel fails this can reduce pressure

• Frozen Pipes – In Cold weather condensate pipes can freeze resulting in a blockage in the system. This will cause the boiler to fail but is a relatively easy fix.

• Brocken Thermostat – You will find older boilers have a problem with their Thermostat as they start to become inaccurate. This will lead to the boiler turning itself off randomly without you knowing.

• Radiators – If you are having a problem with the heat generated by your radiators you could find you have air in the system. This can often be released using a bleed key or by having a power flush.

If you have any of these issues our boiler repair in Plymstock will be more than happy to help. Contact us for further details.