Boiler replacement in Saltash – Case Study

Which boiler is best for you?

New condensing boilers are far more efficient and reliable. So if your boiler is old and unreliable we highly recommend you consider replacing your existing boiler with a newer model. With greater efficiency a new boiler will help to bring down your heating bills, transforming the energy efficiency of your home in the process.


50 deaths a year due to faulty boilers!

You might not know it to look at them but some older boilers can pose a danger. There’s a real risk of exposure to dangerous emissions such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. There are around 50 deaths every year, as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, and more than 200 people and up in hospital due to exposure to the poisonous gas. So replacing your old boiler could make your home safer and warmer.

Modern central heating boilers are much safer, although it’s important to make sure you have any gas appliance serviced and checked annually. They also benefit from greater efficiency ratings, over 90% in comparison to 50% for some older boilers, and with lower emissions are far kinder to the environment.

If like our latest client you require a boiler replacement in Saltash or the surrounding areas please contact us today for a free quote.



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