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Finding a Plumber in Tavistock

We can all wield a mean plunger when pressed and even whip the ‘s’ bend off under a sink unit, to clear a minor blockage but there will always be a time when our meagre experience is not quite up to the job at hand and we have to call-in the experts. Clearly the plumbing to heating and water systems must be left to the qualified professionals and deep drain blockages are also likely to need some equipment most of us just don’t have. So if you are looking for the services of an affordable and reliable plumber in Tavistock and the surrounding area, we understand you will first do a little research and this has never been easier with the Internet. To help point you in the right direction please click on the Checkatrade image for a full list of our verified testimonials.

 A few Top Tips – How to Prevent calling out a Plumber in Tavistock

Blocked Drains The most common reason for plumber call-outs is without doubt the clearing of blockages in our drainage systems. However, the one crucial factor in putting-off these expensive visits, is to have a schedule of preventative maintenance in place. These preventative measures are both simple to carry out and effective, in keeping your drainage clear of damaging blockages. The most common substance that blocks our drains is a sticky mix of grease, fats, food particles and hair. The hair gives enough framework for the grease to bridge gaps and begin the process of clogging up the pipe, especially in cold weather when the fats become more solid. There are many products widely available to clear these grease build-ups, the safest and best of these is an enzyme and bacteria based formula, as the alternative acid-based products are effective but less safe, to you and the environment. If you do attempt to clear any blockage with a powerful, off the shelf chemical but still have to call out a Tavistock plumber – make sure you tell them what you’ve used and show him the bottle/pack.

How to prevent a blocked drain – However, far and away the best way of never having to deal with this situation, is to regularly fill your sink right-up, with very hot, soapy water and pull the plug. The weight of the hot, soapy water will shift build-ups and the detergent wash will help keep the inside of your pipes clean and working properly. For stubborn greasy blockages, it is worth trying two kettles of boiling water down the sink-hole first, before trying the full-sink method. Better than all of these however, is never to pour grease and fat down your sink in the first place. Pour them into used tin cans and seal the tops with a piece of carrier-bag, secured with a rubber band, before taking them for recycling.

Burst Pipes during the winter – Sudden leakages caused by frozen pipes is also a very common occurrence when the temperatures rise, following a period of deep cold. There are a number of things you can do to prevent this happening too, cheaply and simply. It’s all about preventative insulation and the pipe lagging options are inexpensive and widely available, so a methodical and thorough program of insulating all your pipework, will pay dividends in the longer term by increasing your systems efficiency and also reduce your bills. Further to this, you should always drain and isolate outside water pipework, such as stand-pipes and garden outlets. Keep the outside taps in the open position, as this will allow any remaining water in the outer pipes, room to expand and prevent this expansion from damaging the joints, causing the leaks when the ice melts.

How to Prevent Burst Pipes – To prevent having to call out a plumber in Tavistock for a burst pipe, keep the house warm in the worst periods, as it is quicker and cheaper to top-up the ambient temperature, than it is to re-heat the whole house once it’s cold. If you suspect any pipes that may tend to freeze, do what you can to keep them warm by lagging them with old clothing, bin bags and sticky tape, whatever you have. If the temperatures are dropping steadily and you know you are going to have problems, its good practice to leave the water running in the fixtures and the pipes that serve them. Hot and cold water pipes can run together for certain lengths in a system too, so running a bath, or turning on your hot water at the worst time, or periodically in the coldest of weathers, could offset any freezing in nearby cold pipes.

Make a list of any work that needs doing

If you do have to call for a plumber in Tavistock, be smart about it and make the visit worth the call-out. Make a list of the other things he could take a look at whilst he’s at your property, as a deal here on these jobs you have often overlooked, could move you on and save you a lot of money. Take the time to go through your home and check all the taps and shower fittings, all your drains and toilets and make a list of all the jobs that need doing. Discuss this list with the plumber when you call him and explain you’re looking to make his visit worthwhile to him and that you’re looking for a deal on the work. Considering the time and expense of travel, a plumber in Tavistock, will give you a healthy discount for a structured list of jobs to do in one visit. Being forewarned about the issues he will face, your plumber will also have a much clearer idea of a diagnosis, also what equipment and consumables he is likely to need for the solution, effectively shortening the time on the job.

So do your best to keep the plumber from your front door this winter, by doing these little preventative jobs around the house and if you are unlucky enough to need the services of a professional plumber in Tavistock please don’t hesitate to give Plymstock Plumbing and heating a call on 07974 893383  .

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