Radiator repair in Saltash

Radiator repair in Saltash – Case Study

Plymstock Plumbing and Heating have been providing radiator repair in Saltash this week with two of our customers having a similar issue. Both customers have been suffering from having partially cold radiators. This normally occurs when you have sludge built up at the bottom of the radiator causing a partial blockage to the water flow. This in turn causes the top half of the radiator to cool leaving you with half a working radiator. The solution to this problem is usually to perform a power flush of the system which will remove any debris and sludge allowing the water to fully circulate around and improve the heat distribution.


About our radiator repair in saltash

Your radiators are designed to distribute heat around your home and allow you to prioritise heat to the areas you require it the most. If they stop working this can obviously cause issues especially during the winter time. Plymstock plumbing and Heating have been providing radiator repair in Saltash for over ten years and during that time have come across every problem you could imagine.

We don’t just offer radiator repair in saltash we can install a whole range of radiators and towel rails in your home or office and are happy to give you any professional advice regarding the type and size that would best suit your home.


Replacing and installing a radiator

As already mentioned there are a number of different radiator styles. What you require will depend on the size, style and budget you have to work with. If you have a large room you might require more than one radiator or think it necessary to install a double panel to increase the heat to meet your demands.

Our engineers who provide radiator repair in Saltash will happily access your current set up and system and advice you on what would best suit your needs. We can also advice you on what extra pipe work you might need and what costs you will be looking at dependent on the situation.

If you need any further information about our installation or radiator repairs in Saltash or any other areas of Plymouth please contact us for a no obligation quote.



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